Juan de Garay Park

Located in the West District, Juan de Garay Park covers a total area of ​​30 hectares, some covered by lakes that penetrate the vegetation generating different environmental situations. It contains bridges, jetties, roundabouts and pergolas.

In 2009, after months of work for its value, the park was reopened. The objective of such work was to reverse the actions of vandalism and the aftermath left by the 2003 flood.


In a first stage, the works comprised the sanitation and recovery of the 20 thousand square meters of lakes that surround the property, that were in a state of total abandonment. The gravity pumping system was put into operation and five pumps were purchased to supply and renew the water of these water mirrors.

The central islands were also cleared, with tree discipline and weeding. The Zoo La Esmeralda made a donation of 25 geese to inhabit these spaces. On the other hand, some bars were removed that surrounded the piletones and restored those that remained.

152 columns of lighting and reflectors were recovered, a small section of Galileo Passage was paved and the cords surrounding the building were painted. With respect to the equipment, benches and games were added and the existing ones were restored and painted.

The sports center, consisting of five playones and their corresponding toilets and dressing rooms, were also renovated. The Clodomiro Cortoni Cycling Circuit was remodeled, where one of the most exciting races is organized annually.

The playones and the construction of five soccer fields, could be financed thanks to the Educational Assistance Fund, allowed eight schools in the area to use them for their sports and recreational activities. The implementation of a new park care system also integrates the Recovery process.


Garay Park until 1904 worked as catholic cemetery and then, municipal nursery, entering in 1939 to a provincial program of development of parks.

The characteristics of its main organizational structure come from the types of parks and gardens of the late nineteenth century, based on the predominance of compositional axes to achieve greater integration of the park with the city.

In 1987, a velodrome, camping areas, a piletón and a fountain with new games and a small amphitheater were built. This great green lung is the only place in Santa Fe destined to remind the founder of the city, Don Juan de Garay.